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About us

Infinity Real Estate Development specializes in the development of quality residential & commercial real estate projects across Slovakia and Eastern Europe.

With an in-house design & project development team that possess over 50 + years of combined real estate development experience, Infinity Real Estate Development is led by a management team that have for over 5 decades, designed and built, bought and sold some of the most recognizable real estate projects in Dubai.

We are committed to using all those years of experience to help build better homes for the average working-class family, so that they too can live out their dreams of owing a beautiful home.

It is this level of experience, professionalism, and business acumen that the team at Infinity Real Estate brings to every single project it undertakes.

Project Managment

Our Team

The key to delivering successful projects on time, to spec and within budget, is to have the right team on board. Our development team operates from Dubai and is made up of over 15 individuals from diverse backgrounds. With decades of experience, some of the projects worked on include 5-star hotels & resorts, & luxury private mansions for High Net Worth Individuals to name a few.

Team Strength & Inhouse Capabilities


  • Concept & Detailed Design
  • MEP Design
  • Finishes & Specification
  • Material Sourcing & Procurement

Development Management

  • Project Direction & on-site Project Management
  • Project Planning & Contract Administration
  • Detailed BOQ’s, Tender Management and IPA Certification
  • Technical Management

Financial Management

  • Detailed Financial Modelling, Planning, and Capital Raise
  • Liquidity Reports
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Controls
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Our golden rule

Everyone deserves a good home. And it must not be expensive.

Our vision is fueled by this simple motto. Build good quality, modern designed, and well-equipped homes for people of all income brackets, and make it affordable! It is this passion that drives us. A passion to do something for a segment of the market, that no one builds for.

Affordable & Energy Efficient Housing

A good home is only as good as the monthly running cost.

Our focus on building affordable housing extends to the monthly running costs of the property. We are committed to exploring the latest technology, materials and ideas that can be used during the construction period to ensure our residents pay significantly lower energy bills.


Community brings families together.

All our projects have a great emphasis on community living to bring people together. Simple, inexpensive things like open walking and exercise spaces around the perimeter, dedicated children’s play areas and lots of open lush green space that helps create a great communal space for the whole community sprit to come alive.


With every project we undertake, our mark as a responsible developer will be visible. With hotel inspired reception areas, round the clock security, and a dedicated maintenance team, residents have access to amenities that directly impact their daily lives.

Based on the projects we plan to undertake; civic amenities will play a major role in our development ambitions. Whether it be social housing, a bakery, or a post office for residents to get through their daily life, every one of our projects built in any town or region will address specific requirements the town people may have.

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Great design
with function

Backed with years of experience in designing & building residential & commercial properties, all our projects will feature the best design trends and a sense of a practicality that impacts our daily lives. How we use the spaces we live in will dictate our design ambitions to ensure that form and functionality co-exist with impeccable international design standards.

With modern open plan kitchen spaces, contemporary color palettes, spacious living and dining areas, and en-suite bathrooms our residents will have the best of modern living.

An integral aspect to great design is how long it lasts.

Committed to building long lasting relationships with our residents for generations to come, our development teams are committed to sourcing the highest quality materials from the international market to ensure our residents get the best value for their money, and some great designer fittings, that are durable, reliable and stand the test of time.

Attractive Payment Plans & Project Escrow Accounts

Each of our projects will feature attractive payment plan. These would generally vary from 20% on booking, with 80% on handover, or attractive milestone-based payment plans which will be offered in partnership with local banks.

All payments collected for each of our projects will be paid strictly into a dedicated Escrow Account, governed by a local bank and lawyers to ensure all funds collected are paid strictly towards the running of the specific project and not for any other use.

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Get to know us

If you’d like to know more about us and our projects, or even understand how we do things differently, please visit us at our office in Zilina Business Centrum, Boricka Cesta 107, Unit 207

Alternatively, feel free to call us on +421 910 316 777

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